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Member Ads

Here are some guidelines for member ads.

  • The Sell page is a public page

    • We make no guarantee that spam bots won't harvest your details so beware​​

  • All ads are free and will post for 3 months unless renewed

    • Members may only post on behalf of themselves or immediate family members​

  • Items must be related to British cars - Cars, parts, tools etc.

  • Ads need to be submitted with a 1:1 ratio (square) photo

    • Photo is optional but recommended 

    • If you are selling multiple items of little value please group them together to save workload

  • Price - No "best offer" or "make offer" stuff - list a price or if you are giving it away tag it as free

    • You can tag it as free only to members if you like 

  • Contact - All ads need a contact name and either eMail (recommended) or phone number​

    • Beware the spambots​

  • Weblink - You may have one link to the web for each ad - Craigslist etc.​

  • Word limit - There will be a word limit but I don't know what it is yet. It will be based on page design - stay tuned!

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