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Officers, Committees & Membership

(Contact an officer or committee chair and ask how you can get involved!)

President-Ron Ramer

The club president manages all aspects of the club and is responsible for the well being and overall health of the club. The president will organize, chair and schedule the monthly club meeting.

Treasurer- Bill Bowser

The club treasurer is responsible for all financial aspects of the club including bank accounts, payments & collections.

Communications & Events Director-Aaron Kuertz

The communications &  events director is responsible for all club communications including website, mailings & social media. The C&E director will keep all club members informed of club events and encourage participation. The C&E director oversees the communications committee & the social committee.

Vice President-Jim Miller

The club vice president will act in full capacity of the president when the president is unavailable.  The club vice president is responsible to oversee the activities of all committees, propose new committees as required and assist committee chairs in filling their rosters.  The Vice President is in charge of the Membership Committee.

Secretary-Curt Donahue

The club secretary is responsible for the minutes and record keeping of the club. The secretary will collate the proposed agenda, including soliciting member topics, for the monthly meeting on behalf of the president.

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