Join the BCCGC or Pay Dues


   A. Those wanting to Join the BCCGC, please complete the online membership form below.  Dues for new members are $20.00 and are good through 2023. 


                      Or print out a mail in membership form and mail a check             

   B. Exisitng members-Pay your Membership Dues by clicking the yellow "Buy Now" button


        $20.00 annually, due by January 31st. 


Why join the BCCGC?

  1. You will receive a free monthly newsletter with information about the Club.  This includes news on upcoming meetings, events, car shows, tours and tech sessions

  2. The camaraderie of over 150 British car nuts.  We are an active car club with monthly meetings, tours, car shows and tech sessions.

  3. Inclusion to our email list.  Members can email the entire membership at once with questions about their cars, news about the club or anything else.

  4. By joining you gain the collective knowledge of over 150 members.  You can ask questions about your car, maintenance recommendations and ask for technical help.  Tech sessions are where a member invites others over to help with maintenance or repair of your car.

  5. Members get a name tag to be worn at club events.  Also you can purchase club regalia.